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On a Shodan safari - about discovering what is connected to the Internet

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In the last post, we visited airports and tracked planes. This time we will go down to earth, but we will again wander to distant corners of the globe. Observing the devices that surround us, it is not difficult to notice that more and more of them would like to connect to the Internet - TVs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, thermostats - all this gradually acquires functionalities that can [...]

Take to the skies with OSINT - open source air traffic tracking

I have been observing airplanes for a long time, the natural direction of OSINT's interests was therefore sources of information allowing for live tracking of airplanes routes. Currently, such tracking is possible mainly due to the spread of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) system, in which aircraft determine their position using navigation [...]

CyberPolice - REvil 1: 0 - on the risks of being a ransomware operator

Washington Post journalists published yesterday an article about the end of activities by the REvil group as a result of an action carried out by the American Cyber Command - the command of cyber forces. Curbing the actions of REvil is certainly good news for everyone - criminals are responsible, for example, for ransomware attacks on Kaseye or JBS and poisoned the lives of many [...]