Threat Inteliigence / OSINT / NETSEC / NATSEC

Squeezing out IoC juice - methodical analysis of network infrastructure.

One of the most common problems faced by CTI analysts is the use of collected data to discover further elements of hostile activity, i.e. the so-called "pivoting". Simply put, pivoting consists in discovering other artifacts such as IP addresses or malware samples through the common points of contact of both elements. In the case of malware, this can […]

On a Shodan safari - about discovering what is connected to the Internet

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In the last post, we visited airports and tracked planes. This time we will go down to earth, but we will again wander to distant corners of the globe. Observing the devices that surround us, it is not difficult to notice that more and more of them would like to connect to the Internet - TVs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, thermostats - all this gradually acquires functionalities that can [...]