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About me


My name is Kamil Bojarski and on daily basis I work on analysis and detection of malicious cyber activity. In my career, I've worked in a variety of roles - from assessing alerts on the front line of the Security Operations Center, to tracking campaigns as a threat intelligence analyst, to responding to incidents and conducting threat hunting. However, it has always been tracking the activity of groups active in cyberspace and the broader intelligence (or rather, counterintelligence) activity that has engaged me the most.

I'm quite lucky in this aspect - intelligence services in the private sector are booming and evolving. Private companies analyze the activity of intelligence agencies in cyberspace, evaluate the capabilities of the armed forces or create detailed profiles of large corporations. As a result, career opportunities are quite abundant whether one feels like working in the public or private sector. This situation has been neatly described by Richard Bejtlich at the 2016 Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit, which you can watch here..

All of this is made possible by broad access to information and the ability to collect and compare sources formerly available only to a small group of people - such as satellite images or malware samples used by intelligence agencies.

Therefore, on I would like to share my insights, tips and thoughts on how to make the most of this vast amount of information available.

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