Threat Inteliigence / OSINT / NETSEC / NATSEC



The Group That Wasn't – Tracking and Defining Winnti – x33fcon 2023

Diamonds are a Forensicator's Best Friend - Intelligence Support for DFIR - FIRST 2022 CTI Symposium
"... continuation of politics by other means." - Threat Intelligence During Crisis Events - X33fcon 2022
Controlled Conversation Podcast
Presentation "Cybersecurity of data constituting the basis of digital government" Scientific conference entitled "State information system in the age of digital transformation"
Ransomware - pirates of the cyber seas? - 38th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime
How to make intelligence, hunting, and response BFFs by Kamil Bojarski - x33fcon 2021
Diamonds are forever (threat actors don't) - diamond model in incident analysis and threat intelligence - SECURE 2019

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