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OSINT in perspective - US IC OSINT strategy 2024-2026

The US Intelligence Community (IC) is formalizing its approach to the use of open sources, as evidenced by the recently presented OSINT strategy for 2024-2026. The document outlines a clear vision for the future of the discipline, setting the stage for significant advances in how open source data is used for intelligence purposes. In this blog post, we will summarize key strategy concepts, […]

Kent and Heuer - The roots of CTI in a traditional interview

The holiday season is good for catching up on books, so let's take a look at the subject at, so let's call it a book-historical topic. It will be no secret that CTI is quite a fledgling field. Even if we look at the distance that separates information protection as such from information protection in the context of computer networks, threat intelligence will be an even younger discipline. […]