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I invite you to CONFidence 2022!

The COVID pandemic has had an extremely dramatic impact on various aspects of our lives, and when it comes to the cybersecurity industry, one of its most "visible" effects was the cancellation of many industry conferences. Now, however, the time is slowly approaching when they are going back to the offline version. And one of such events is CONFidence, to which I cordially invite you - has the pleasure and honor to be the media patron of the event!

So if you missed the events on the spot, discussions not interrupted by comments "can you hear me?" whether "you are on the mute" and the possibility of meeting twitter friends, be sure to book the date 6-7 June 2022. The CONFidence conference returns to Krakow and promises to be very interesting. The organizers will take you to the Aviation Museum! And for everyone who follows it will certainly not be a secret, how much I'm interested in aviation Therefore, I do not see any possibility not to appear there and look at the exhibits during the breaks between lectures 🙂

And when it comes to what awaits us at the event itself, let's give the floor to the organizers:

“First of all, there will finally be an opportunity to taste the unmistakable atmosphere of CONFidence - such a mixture of technical information and a relaxed atmosphere you will not find anywhere else. Secondly, the first strong names have already been confirmed. CONFidence will feature, among others: Łukasz Bromirski, Paweł Maziarz, Andrzej Karpiński, Ido Naor, Felipe Duarte, Borys Łącki and Adam Lange.

Work on the conference program is in progress - the speakers' applications are assessed by the Program Council composed of respected experts from the IT security industry. As always, you can expect dozens of technical lectures on the most important issues in the field of cybersecurity. At CONFidence you will also meet and exchange experiences with security specialists from various environments, you will learn about practical solutions and the results of current analyzes. "

I admit that I have already chosen CONFidence several times, but unfortunately various random considerations each time ultimately crossed my plans. All the more so this year I intend to reach Krakow 🙂

For those who would like to take part in CONFidence, the organizers have prepared a discount code -15%: "lawsecnet ". It can be used when purchasing standard tickets without Gift Packs.

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