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The safest conference in Poland on December 3! Oh My H @ ck 2022 - live in Warsaw is pleased to invite you to a unique event, the Oh My H @ ck conference, which will take place on December 3 in Warsaw!

Cybercrime, reverse engineering, cyber threat intelligence or forensics are just some of the paths in the program of the Oh My H @ ck stationary conference, whose leading theme is cybersecurity. It is a great opportunity to learn directly from specialists how not to be deceived, learn about the latest solutions and good practices.

During the conference you can meet dozens of the best cybersecurity experts in person. The stage will include, among others: Dominik Chapterowski, Agnieszka Gryszczyńska, Ireneusz Tarnowski, Agata Ślusarek and Łukasz Jędrzejczak. He constantly watches over the entire program Adam Haertle, editor and founder of the portal known to all my readers

As always, the agenda is a response to the needs of the local cybersecurity scene, and the speakers know the realities of the IT security market in Poland. Here you will find analyzes of high-profile incidents, an overview of interesting functionalities and new methods of threat detection ... The program includes, among others:

  • Let's hunt ransomware together! - Marcin Ratajczyk
  • Dirty tricks in obtaining data - Maciej Kotowicz
  • Oh My Mac! Red teaming of computers running macOS - Wojciech Reguła
  • Cyber Crime as a Service, or where, who and for how much - Damian Hoffmann
  • How to hack half the Internet with a vacuum cleaner? - Jan Iłowski

Of course, I also cordially invite you to my speech entitled "Dragons and Pandas - the organization of Chinese intelligence in the context of cyber operations". I will try to present the structure of units conducting cyber operations commissioned by the Chinese government, which should help analysts understand the context and goals of the activities.

Complete conference program Oh My H @ ck 2022 can be found here.

However, of course, as is the case at a conference, lectures are not the only attraction of the event. In addition to a huge dose of knowledge during the lectures, you can count on the activity of experts during Q&A sessions and plenty of opportunities to exchange experiences with other people interested in cybersecurity. There are also many attractions, competitions and an evening party waiting for the participants.

Do you want to join the leading cybersecurity specialists in Poland? Register now and take advantage of the special offer for readers. Receive a 15% discount with the rebate code: “OMHxCI”.


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