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In the wilderness of mirrors - attribution in the context of threat intelligence

One of the most polarizing and imaginative issues in the practice of analyzing hostile activity is attribution, i.e. an attempt to define specific entities, organizations or persons responsible for the operation. The interest in "who did it" should come as no surprise - the process of analyzing cyber activity often takes the exact opposite of investigating "ordinary" crimes. […]

By observing Internet houses - we analyze domains and their infrastructure

One of the most common tasks related to OSINT and threat intelligence is the analysis of Internet domains in terms of infrastructure behind them and information about entities responsible for their creation. Domains are an important element of cyber operations, when they can be used for C2 communication, malware delivery and information operations, providing [...]

Collecting diamond chains - threat intelligence analysis tools

After traveling around the globe, we move on to the vast world of operations in cyberspace - specifically how they are analyzed and how it helps in defense. One of the inspirations for the name of this blog - - was that the activity known as Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is, in my opinion, the activity of [...]

OSINT Wolves of Wall Street - gathering information on companies in open sources

Nowadays, OSINT is most often associated with the analysis of threats, journalistic investigations and verification of information, for example, from places subject to military operations. However, if we zoom out a bit and look at the phenomenon of collecting publicly available information and analyzing it in order to achieve specific results, it forms the basis of one of the most important contemporary institutions [...]

On a Shodan safari - about discovering what is connected to the Internet

Shodan main page map

In the last post, we visited airports and tracked planes. This time we will go down to earth, but we will again wander to distant corners of the globe. Observing the devices that surround us, it is not difficult to notice that more and more of them would like to connect to the Internet - TVs, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, thermostats - all this gradually acquires functionalities that can [...]

Take to the skies with OSINT - open source air traffic tracking

I have been observing airplanes for a long time, the natural direction of OSINT's interests was therefore sources of information allowing for live tracking of airplanes routes. Currently, such tracking is possible mainly due to the spread of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) system, in which aircraft determine their position using navigation [...]